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Ann Sadie Osten | 334-213-0000

A natural entrepreneur, Ann started Sadie’s Global Travel more than 25 years ago. Her vision and mission is simple – Take care of the client and exceed expectations. But it is Ann’s 30-plus years of experience that makes this vision a reality. Ann’s love of travel and meeting with clients to learn more about their interests helps ensure you have a travel experience tailored for you.  She can map out your entire trip – including daily itineraries, restaurant reservations, event tickets and luxury accommodations that will make a trip of a lifetime become a reality.   

Ann  was born with a passion for travel. She has spent her entire adult life traveling the world and creating dream vacations, perfect incentive travel trips and unique experiences for her clients. Because of her vast experience, no matter where you go, Ann has more than likely traveled there or created an adventure for someone to that destination. 

Working with Ann on your trip is like sitting down with your best friend. While you can use a computer to purchase tickets and book rooms, a computer can’t help you decide where to go, provide the local flavor or first-hand knowledge of a destination. It also cannot handle challenges or surprises that may arise while traveling.  

She can create an experience based on your personality and hobbies – cultural travel, adventure, business, cruising, global touring, honeymoons, safaris, and even extreme travel. Want to explore Iceland? Lie on a beach in Tahiti? Take the family on the trip of a lifetime? Visit the land of your forefathers? Ann not only knows the ins-and-outs of travel by air, land and sea – she also knows where to eat, the best places to stay and what to do when something unforeseen happens.

Ann’s certifications are numerous including her CTC designation recognizing her as a professional in The Travel Institute. She holds many other certifications such as Princess and Cunard Cruise Line’s Commodore status, Avalon Specialist, and a Regent Specialist - just to name a few.  Her personal service, extensive knowledge and passion for people and travel are why Sadie’s Global Travel is the only way to go… everywhere.

Lisa Hemphill | 334-213-0000

Lisa was born with a wandering spirit. She lived in Europe for more than 10 years, enjoying the local culture in England, The Netherlands and her favorite - Italy.  From these “home ports," Lisa took advantage of the travel opportunities while living abroad. Lisa set up travel groups with her friends and coworkers, leading tours to Rome, Florence, and Venice - and ski trips to places where the powder was great including Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Germany. She also led historical and shopping tours all over the continent. 

Lisa's life experiences introduced her to amazing people, different cultures, and beautiful architecture around the world. Lisa is still enchanted by any European small town experience. Lisa and her husband, John, travel at every opportunity, cruise often visiting most of the Caribbean islands, many countries in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Baltic.

Lisa still has many places yet to visit and at the top of her list... Actually these change every time she sees a new travel brochure for a place she has not experienced!  

Lisa is an expert at customized European itineraries, European river cruising, Alaskan cruise/land travel, Caribbean, and British Isles. She might go with you if it’s a destination she hasn’t been to yet or want to visit again. She has completed multiple travel certifications and is a Princess Commodore, Princess Alaska Specialist, Avalon Specialist, Royal Caribbean Specialist, Tauck Specialist, Globus Specialist, Ireland and British Isles Specialist, and Disney specialist to name a few.

Phyllis Jackson | 334-213-0000

With nearly 30 years of travel planning and management experience along with a vast knowledge of the world and its navigation, Phyllis is confident when working with clients in need of expert advice. With more than 50 countries under her belt, her personal exposure along with an immense library of destination knowledge works well with her desire to always exceed her clients expectations. She enjoys traveling in order to gain firsthand knowledge by previewing hotels and resorts and exploring destinations

She has developed relationships with some of the best travel vendors throughout the world. She can provide personalized hands on service at every step of your journey from the beginning to the “Bon-Voyage” and beyond.

Phyllis’  college major was merchandising and along with her “CTA  Certified Travel Advisor”  accreditation considers herself a merchant and ambassador of travel. Her expertise enables her to create and customize  individual  travel experiences thus becoming her  client’s “partner in travel”. Throughout her career, she has been fortunate to visit  many destinations rich in culture, history, art, architecture, cuisine, and incredible natural beauty. Having vast travel experience is paramount for a travel advisor. It enables the advisor to create a pathway for travelers to venture out and see the world, meet the people, learn the culture, taste the food, and hear the music.

Her favorite quote is one by Matthew Karsten. “Investment in travel is an investment in yourself”.


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